Lady Leshurr

If the world's monarchs organised a search for the new queen of British rap, it’s certain that all roads would lead toward Lady Leshurr. In the past twelve months, millions have pledged an oath of allegiance to the 27 year old rapper through her Queen’s Speech series (currently at one hundred fifty million views on YouTube, and counting), she’s sold out shows from New York to Brixton, featured in RollingStone & Vogue, and on the Samsung “Super bowl” advertisement, attracting the attention of international hip-hop heavyweights like Timbaland, Erykah Badu, and Busta Rhymes. 

Lady Leshurr’s career arguably started at the modest age of six, when she wrote her first lyric - “it was over Sister Nancy’s ‘Bam Bam’, which is why I always pay homage and perform that song everywhere I go”, she says. She grew up in Birmingham, where the scattered musical tastes of her family and peers began to infiltrate her consciousness and inform her future as the musician we know today. Her mother played reggae around the house - Sister Nancy, Asward, UB40, which inspired Leshurr’s first lyric. Her brother would blast drum’n’bass and garage, which lead to DJ Luck and MC Neat teaching a young Leshurr about melody. Her sister was into R&B and hip-hop, which brought Leshurr an idol in the form of Ms Dynamite. Since releasing her debut mixtape at fourteen, it’s almost as though Leshurr didn’t stop working. She released nine more mixtapes, three EPs, acted in the British film One Day, got employed at and subsequently quit jobs in Subway, TK Maxx, and as a security guard, before deciding to take a much needed break in 2014, the same year she released her last mixtape, Lil Bit of Lesh. 

Lady Leshurr is currently on a global tour, promoting her latest album. She will return with a new album later this year. 

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