Health and wellbeing expert Bradley Simmonds completes hottest London Marathon ever in association with official sponsor Tag Heuer 

In spite of the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon being the most sweltering London marathon ever, all went to plan in the early stages, with Bradley hitting his target 8 minutes mile comfortably. After running 13 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes, he was confident he’d reach his goal. However, at the 15 mile mark, Bradley injured his hamstring. He explains he was determined to finish the remaining 11 miles, “I wasn't going to quit, and knowing my family and friends were there to celebrate and support me every step of the way kept me motivated and determined to get over that finish line.” Through sheer determination, walking and running through the pain, keeping himself hydrated, he finished the marathon in 4 hours 35 mins. “The atmosphere in London was sensational, it most definitely keeps you going especially when times are tough”, said Bradley. “Thank you @TAGHeuer and @BuchererUK for setting me the challenge.”