Bradley Simmonds' Book ‘Get It Done’ launches to enthusiastic reviews 

In his first book, Get It Done: My Plan, Your Goal: 60 Recipes and Workout Sessions for a Fit, Lean Body , health, wellbeing and fitness expert Bradley Simmonds reveals how to get the body of your dreams, and keep it. Bradley's career as a food and fitness expert began when his career as a professional footballer came to a dramatic end after he experienced back-to-back injuries. However, despite spending most of his time in the rehabilitation treatment room and fitness studio, Bradley approached his injuries as an opportunity, working closely with top physiotherapists and grasping the chance to learn from the most qualified trainers and experts in both the fitness and nutrition world, eventually becoming a personal trainer himself. Now his client list inlcudes top sportsman and A-list celebrities.

A leading voice in the health industry.   – Daily Express

We think it’s about time London-based trainer Bradley Simmonds was on your radar.  - Huff Post

London’s new male fitness elite.   -Evening Standard