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Strategic consulting

IP has the hard-won experience to advise new and established companies on brand launches, brand positioning, and marketing and distribution strategy. Working on a project basis, we provide strategic consulting to ensure fledgling brands avoid costly mistakes and established brands maximise resources to efficiently achieve objectives.  

Influencer, social & digital marketing and PR

Effective influencer marketing depends on the right influencers, the right platforms, the right content, and the right amplifications. Our work with talent and influencers gives us unparalleled access to media and a unique 360 degree understanding of contemporary influencer marketing. We provide brands with strategic multi-platform influencer campaigns generating bottom line results.  

Event & media management

Even in a digital age, there’s something magic about putting the right people in the right room. Our events are some of the most covetable in London: well-executed, memorable and effective. 

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VIP seeding, dressing and gifting

We match brands to VIPS based on values - for real impact. Asking our many contacts very nicely, we get your product into the hands of some of your market's most influential people.

Ambassador programmes & brand partnerships

People love people, and that’s why your brand needs to find the right VIPs to be your Ambassadors. Meanwhile, VIPs need brands. It’s all starts with the right connections.

Personal publicity & talent management

Rooted in our DNA is a deep understanding of reputation management to ensure our clients are always at the top of their respective fields. 

Press office

The beating heart behind any successful personal publicity and consumer brand work. It’s an area we pride ourselves on: whether its tactical opportunities, jumping on news agendas, or creating great press materials, it’s second nature to us and no one does it better.